The Queen’s Head

We have one more week of awesome food, which means one more week of running away from mosquitoes, which also means just one more week of being with my grandma. We go back home next Sunday, and I’ll be honest, our time here has passed by pretty fast.

My mom decided to take us to Yehliu, Taiwan to visit for the day. This place is at the very north of Taiwan, and is most famous for the rocks that have eroded over time on the coast.

We took the subway to the train station, took the train to the bus station, then took the bus to Yehliu where we finally walked down to the coast.

It is absolutely beautiful here.

We passed by a harbor where there were locals sitting around talking, waiting for their fish to bite.

Photo Jan 06, 4 48 25 PM

When we arrived at the coast, we bought our tickets and took the stroll down. The rocks were quite beautiful and I was again reminded of how amazing God’s creation is.

As for these rocks, the older they are, the more erosion and the skinnier it gets. I wish I could say the same for me…I’m like the one on the left…

Photo Jan 07, 1 28 14 AM

This is the most famous rock on the coast, named “The Queen’s Head.” Can you see it?

Photo Jan 06, 11 01 49 PM

And finally, the coast. China is out there somewhere!

Photo Jan 06, 3 51 12 PM

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