The Lab

Today was adventure day! We, me and three other sisters, decided to visit an area named “The Lab” which is a little square of hipster shops. It was really nice to be able to get away after the first week of school and just relax and catch up with two freshmen sisters!

We ate lunch/dinner at a restaurant called Gypsy Den. It was a really interesting style mix of rustic and gothic, while reminding me of a Harry Potter set, even though I never really watched Harry Potter before (sorry but not sorry). The food came in decently large portions for the price, and I must say, it was quite delicious. I ordered the Classic Tuna Melt with a salad and wasn’t able to finish half of the sandwich because it was so thick with tuna. Something really interesting about their tuna was that they folded diced green apples into it, which added a nice sweetness and crunch to it!

Photo Jan 31, 10 06 00 PM

Photo Jan 31, 10 12 40 PM

Afterwards, we walked around and the plaza was so cute! There were trees with knitted “clothing” and rustic looking trailers with plants draping from them.

Photo Jan 31, 10 08 14 PM

Photo Jan 31, 10 26 39 PM

We ended this day trip by going to a bakery called Black Market Bakery. They had whisks and egg beaters hanging from the ceiling, and jars of jam and honey laid out around tables. They had a lot of beautiful pastries for sale, and my friends bought this particular tart with raspberry, chocolate mousse, and chocolate ganache. I was really surprised that instead of being dry and crumbly, the tart was actually nicely contained within itself because the mousse held everything together. The ganache gave it an extra sweetness while the raspberries gave it a fruity punch, allowing its juices to to cut through the chocolate. We left, stomaches full and minds happy. Twas a good day, spent with such good sisters <3

Photo Jan 31, 10 17 20 PM

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