Let’s eat some Cake

Ever since I started working, I haven’t been able to see or catch up with my friends as much as I would like to, and that makes me sad (cry). So yesterday, we had a random spontaneous trip to a cake shop with my roommates. This shop was really big considering it was a bakery, yet it had a cozy feel to it. It was slightly hipster with plants hanging off the walls and broken plaster exposed the bricks in the walls. Their display case contained cupcakes, pavlovas, fruit tarts, and rows and rows of macarons.

After a long process of elimination to decide what to get, I was stuck between the tiramisu and a flourless Belgian chocolate cake. Then I figured since I could get a tiramisu cake slice for a whole lot cheaper at work, I went for the chocolate.

Photo Feb 13, 1 17 27 AM

Oh. My. Goodness. The lady worker warned me that it was really chocolaty, but I thought she was just saying that. She wasn’t just saying that. It was as if I was just biting into a giant dark chocolate bar that was trying to turn itself into a cake but failed. It was quite confusing, but nevertheless, delicious! Their handmade vanilla honey ice cream created the perfect balance.

We walked down the road to a hipster stationary shop. They had the cutest mini cake/ cupcake stands, cards, paper, and notebooks. We left, taking a business card and on the back, saw this note. Thankful for the day, thankful for good company, and thankful for all the good things He has done.

Photo Feb 12, 7 44 53 PM

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