Vanilla Cupcakes and Swiss Meringue Buttercream

Photo Mar 14, 5 17 51 PM

Besides my dog and my family and the fresh clean air of NorCal, I’ve also missed one other thing. My beloved KitchenAid. Oh how life is so much easier with it around to beat all of my egg whites and sugar together. I also had a 2D Wilton tip that I’ve been wanting to use, I just left it at home and was never able to use it.

Photo Mar 14, 2 33 58 PM

I was on YouTube’s homepage and you know how they have the “Recommended For You” section? Well, there was this one video of “How to make the Best Swiss Buttercream on the Internet.” I immediately thought oh how humble of you to self proclaim yourself. I viewed the video and the ingredients and it looked almost exactly like the recipe I used in the past, only instead of full butter, she used part butter part shortening. I thought that was an interesting mix and gave it a try.

Photo Mar 14, 5 20 24 PM

While I will say that the swiss meringue is quite nice in consistency, I don’t think that it’s necessary to use the shortening. Using more butter would have done the trick without having to take something else out to measure. Not only that, even though both are considered fats, butter is a lot better than shortening. The only thing positive I see from this is that shortening is cheaper than butter.

Photo Mar 14, 5 18 32 PM

After making the buttercream, I was finally able to play with my new piping tip. I divided the icing into three pieces, one to remain white, and the other two was for a purple and light pink. Swirl after swirl I wish I had made more cupcakes and buttercream just to play with. Ah well, there’s always next time! I’m giving these to my little sister to take to church to share with the youth. They butter like it (get it HAHA lol)

Photo Mar 14, 5 22 48 PM

Swiss Meringue Buttercream 

6 large egg whites

1 1/2 c sugar

2 c powedered sugar

3/4 c shortening

2 c unsalted butter (4 sticks)

1 Tbsp vanilla (I use more because I really like the vanilla to stand out)

On a double broiler, whisk the egg whites and sugar together until it reaches 115 degrees on the candy thermometer. The sugar should be completely dissolved at this point. With a KitchenAid mixer with the whisk attachment, whisk on high until it is white, thick, and glossy and it holds a stiff peak.

Turn off the machine and sift in powdered sugar. Slowly increase the speed of the mixer until incorporated. Then continue to whisk on high. At this point, the mixture should have cooled down. If not, continue to mix until it is cool. Add in the shortening while it is still whisking on high. Cut up the butter into pieces and add to the mixture ini increments of three. Continue to whisk until it is smooth and turns into buttercream. Add in vanilla extract and any additional food coloring!

Photo Mar 14, 5 23 45 PM

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