Chocolate Raspberry Cake

Photo Jul 10, 7 25 10 PM

I think I have a new fetish- cake stands!! Ever since I started following other baking blogs, I’ve always looked at their cake stands  and wonder where they get it and how can I get one. My first cake stand was actually one that my family had since I could even imagine. It’s this crystal glass cake stand that weighs like a bajillion pounds, and comes with a glass cover that also weighs a million pounds in itself!

Photo Jul 10, 7 19 09 PM

I recently bought this new cake stand from TJ Maxx. It was on sale for only $14! The pale seafoam blue color was just beautiful and elegant, and I wanted to use it immediately. So I decided to make a cake. I used the chocolate cake recipe from Ina Garten because 1, I secretly want her life and 2, this recipe had coffee in the chocolate which made it stand out from all the other recipes I tried before.

Photo Jul 10, 11 05 04 PM

I baked the cake the day before and left it out on the counter to cool completely for about two hours, and then I wrapped it in saran wrap to put it in the fridge to cool down even more, just to ensure that it would not crumble so much when icing it.

Photo Jul 10, 11 06 20 PM

The next day, the cakes were cold enough for me to put it all together. For the filling, I used a whipped chocolate ganache. I whipped it up instead of just letting it glaze down because I wanted it to be able to hold up the cake. If it was too thin I was afraid that the two layers would just slide off of each other. After the ganache cooled and I used my mixer to whip it up, I spread it on top of the first layer and added some raspberries to it. If I could do things differently, I would have added more raspberries but I wanted to make sure I had enough for the top of the cake.

Photo Jul 10, 11 07 07 PM

I unwrapped the second layer and placed it on top and made the chocolate buttercream frosting. I added some more cream than stated on the recipe just because I wanted it to be easier to spread around and not too tough, which would cause more crumbs to be lifted up into the cake. I put the crumb coat on, stuck it in the fridge for a good 30 minutes, and then took it back out to put on the final coat.

Photo Jul 10, 11 08 48 PM

For the frosting, I really debated on if I wanted to keep it “rustic” or give it a “classy” kind of look. I was debating on if I wanted to make make swirls and grooves in the buttercream, or if I wanted to make it more elegant and make the edges perfectly smooth and straight. I decided to go for the rustic and made the swirls, and instead of propping the raspberries up straight, I laid them down sideways.

Photo Jul 10, 11 05 45 PM

As for the chocolate shavings, I learned how to make those from working at 85C Bakery. We have this one dessert item called the White Chocolate Strawberry Cup and it has white chocolate shavings on it. Quite a lot of times when I watch the cake department, I watch them spread out the chocolate and use an offset spatula to make the curls. I did the same here and used the same method, only with semisweet chocolate instead of white. I kept them in the freezer to keep cold until I needed to use them.

Photo Jul 10, 11 00 56 PM

The end result turned out so much better than I could have imagined it to be, and it tasted better than I could have thought it to be. Though it was extremely chocolatey, the ganache and buttercream do work well together! The tartness from the raspberries are a good break from all the sweetness in every bite. Making the cake and assembling it was the best part and a whole lot easier than I thought it would be!

Chocolate cake recipe by Ina Garten from the Food Network.

Whipped Chocolate Ganache

6 oz chocolate chips (I use semi-sweet)

1/2 c whipping cream

Heat the whipping cream in a small sauce pan over medium heat. Before it becomes a full boil, take it off the heat and add in the chocolate chips. Stir until all is melted, then set it aside to cool completely. This is what a ganache is. To make it whipped, we need to cool it down. To speed up the process, I placed mine in an ice water bath and stirred continually until it was completely cool. Once the ganache is slightly cooler than it is room temperature, place it in the electric mixer and whip it until it has lightened in color and has stiffened. The whipped chocolate ganache is now ready to use!

Photo Jul 10, 11 03 40 PM

Chocolate Buttercream

2 sticks unsalted butter, room temp

3/4 c cocoa powder

3  c powder sugar

1/2 tsp vanillla

3-5 Tbsp whipping cream

In a mixing bowl, whip up the butter until creamy. Combine the butter, sugars, and cocoa and cream until all combine. If needed, use a rubber spatula to remove the cake. Add the extract and cream until fluffy, and use it to frost generously on any of your cakes!

Chocolate Curls

1/4 c semi-sweet chocolate chips

A little bit of chocolate goes a long way. Melt the chocolate over a double broiler. Take the back of a baking tray and make sure it is clean. Once the chocolate is completely melted, take an offset spatula and spread it around to make a THIN layer on the back of the baking tray. Stick it in the freezer to speed up the cooling process. Remove it and give it 2-3 minutes to warm up before shaving. Take the offset spatula using its edge, scrape the chocolate off in equal pressure and fluid motion. The chocolate may melt due to the heat from the hands, so stick it back in the freezer every now and then to keep it cold. Then, keep the curls in the freezer until they are ready to be used!

Photo Jul 10, 7 16 41 PM

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