Wow, it’s been a while since i’ve posted anything here…I’ll try to be better at that….

I’m sitting here in my kitchen wondering what to eat. I’ve finished dinner two hours ago and am looking around me to see what my next victim is. After sitting here for the past ten minutes, I have come to realize that I have so many options.

I can finish the rest of my favorite taiwanese veggie soup that we had for dinner, there is a perfectly ripe pineapple and a perfectly ripe mango on the counter behind me (i can smell them from here) and next to it is a bag of my absolute favorite parmesan goldfish, I have green bean soup that my grandmother had just finished teaching me how to make and is cooling off on the stove top, I have all my fruit and veggies to make a carrot+apple+beat+kale juice with my juicer, i have fruit to make an acai+strawberry+banana smoothie, i have oranges from the farmers market to squeeze into fresh oj, and i have my favorite chinese sponge cake in the oven that will be done in 10 minutes. oh, and there’s also a to die for roasted corn+tomato salsa from the farmers market and tortilla chips to go with.

so many options to choose from, so little stomach space. but as i was just sitting here thinking about “what to eat next,” it makes me quite ashamed. why do i get such a privilege to have so many options, such a privilege to have something other than rice or bread for a meal?

I actually don’t know where i’m going with this. but all i can say is that know how blessed i am to be able to have food on the table, to be able to choose what to eat, to be able to have a surplus and have more than we can even handle. truly blessed indeed.

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