Chicken Noodle Soup// Cooking in Li

Photo Aug 27, 5 06 01 PM

Once again, college has begun again! This year, my friends and I moved into an on-campus apartment building with two bedrooms, a kitchen, bathroom, and a living room! So blessed with the amount of new space we have to call our own for the next two semesters to come!

With a new apartment life, comes new responsibilities. One of the biggest is learning how to cook for ourselves. Before, we all ate in the on-campus cafeteria, or we would all eat out. By sophomore year, most, if not all of us, were done-goodbye-only-coming-here-if-absolutely-needed-farewell cafeteria food. Not that it wasn’t good, but it wasn’t our taste pallet. Yet, after the first two days of living in the apartment and eating out for almost every meal, we knew that our wallets weren’t going to be able to keep up with our stomaches.

Photo Aug 27, 10 23 27 AM

So, for the next few days, the next few weeks, and the next few months, our apartment will be cooking, experimenting, and finding out what it is to cook delicious food on a budget to feed a small crowd of hungry college students.

Starting with my chicken noodle soup. I’ve shared my chicken noodle soup recipe in a past post which can be found here. I made the soup because not only is the total for ingredients is around $10, but you can actually take the soup, separate them into individual tupperware and freeze it for future use. It’s completely healthy and completely affordable!

Hopefully, we can use this year to be able to start eating healthy again and to be more conscious as to what goes into our bodies. Cheers to junior year!

Photo Aug 27, 5 06 36 PM

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