Giant Brioche

Photo Sep 18, 11 52 03 AM

85C Bakery lingo-

Marble Taro– it’s the most sought after bread item, store’s number one bread seller, and therefore, your “marble taro” is your work crush (your most sought after item). “Hey, so…who’s your marble taro? *Wink Wink*”

Cream Puff– each cream puff box comes with two cream puffs, and are identical to each other. Your cream puff is your work twin, someone who is the “other you.” “Hi cream puff!!”

And then there’s the Giant Brioche. I don’t remember the reason behind how it became the Giant Brioche, but if someone is your giant brioche, he or she is your best friend at work. “<3 GB”

I have a giant brioche and I just have to say how thankful I am for her. We both started at the same store and were both training on the same station together. Later on we both transferred to this new store branch and have been through the grand opening and all the way to today. The store has had its ups and downs and through it all, she has always been one to rant to, laugh to, and to share all the moments of 85 with. Yet most of all, I am thankful to be able to have a Sister-in-Christ in the work place. To be able to talk about the faith and to have an accountability partner in the work place grants so much freedom. To be a Christian in the work place is hard, but to be able to have her there and to share openly with each other gives me a great appreciation for her.

With each of our busy schedules, we were finally able to meet for a brunch and catch up with one another over an absolutely delicious brunch at a breakfast joint called “Early Bird Cafe” located in Fullerton. All I can say is…their hollandaise sauce is on point! I ordered the traditional eggs benedict and she ordered the pork belly egg benedict and they were so good. But what was even better than the food was the chance to be able to really catch up with her. Everyone needs a Giant Brioche in their workplace, I am thankful for mine!

Photo Sep 18, 11 52 38 AM

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