Shopping in the caf// cooking in Li

Ever since school started, I have become more conscience of how I spend my money and where it is going. That is why I try not to spend as much money on groceries and in turn, think of some more savvy ways to make a dollar last. There’s buying things in bulk, cooking food in bulk then freezing it, and then there is our school’s cafeteria.

Our schools cafeteria– or the caf as we students call it– allows us to bring things to go or out of the cafeteria as long as we were able to swipe in, keeping in mind that every meal is a buffet. Many students simply buy a to-go box for then they don’t have time to eat and can just pack a lunch and eat it in the classroom. Now, these to-go boxes are so handy in the sense that with one swipe and a purchase of a to-go box (50 cents), I was able to stuff a good three meals worth of food in it! I also brought a ziplock bag to put spinach in to steam for lunch for a later date. Savvy saving, I think so!

Photo Sep 17, 3 12 13 PM

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