Pumpkin Patch at Tanaka Farms

Oh my. I thought I posted these but I didn’t. Well, better late than never!

Photo Dec 16, 1 10 43 AM

Around OCTOBER (I know I am two months late…) my roommates and I decided we wanted to go to a real pumpkin patch. Not the pumpkin patch from the corner of Walmart or Safeway or wherever you get your pumpkins from. No, we wanted to go to an actual farm where pumpkins were grown with a corn maze and a tractor hay ride. We located the nearest one in Irvine called Tanaka Farms and made the one hour ride trek there.

Photo Dec 16, 1 07 02 AM

And it was totally worth it. As soon as we turned into the farm, before we even reached their parking lot, we were blown away. There were fields and fields of pumpkins. There was a field of just regular sized pumpkins, a field of just jumbo ones, a field of white pumpkins, and it went on. It also had its own “pick your own” vegetables thing going on but we were too in awe of the pumpkins to even care.

Photo Dec 16, 1 09 05 AM

We first headed to the corn maze, and while I will admit it was a fairly easy corn maze, it was still so cool to be in the presence of actual corn stalks. I mean, you don’t come across real root growing corn stalks at your local pumpkin patch at Home Depot now do you?

Photo Dec 16, 1 09 53 AM

After spending an hour just moping around the pumpkin patches, we settled on one that was perfectly tall, perfectly round but still slightly lopsided so it had a little bit of character to it. Well, we brought it to the register to ring it up and it was $$$SIXTEEN DOLLARS. or twelve. I forget, but either way, we looked at each other and oh my, didn’t think we really needed a sixteen dollar pumpkin and so we abandoned it and continued to be in awe of the space around us.

Photo Dec 16, 1 06 08 AM

Thought the pumpkins were more expensive than we thought it would be, the farm is just so beautiful in itself which made the ride so worth it.

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