This cake most definitely takes the cake. Haha, pun definitely intended.

I made this cake for our church’s annual Thanksgiving potluck. I knew that there would be pumpkin pie, blueberry pie, fruit tarts, cookies, the usual and expected things. But this year, I wanted to try something different and do something no one has possibly ever seen before. And that is when I thought to make the “Pecherple.”

Photo Dec 01, 10 21 42 PM

The idea comes from the “Cherpumple” which I took the concept from, but the only difference is, I used a different inside pie and outside cake. For mine, the Pecherple are 3-6in pies; Peacan Pie, Cherrie Pie, and an Apple Pie all baked into their own cake layer of spice and yellow cake from cake mix, then layering them all together into one giant cake. And I kid you not, this cake is a monster. I even downsized it by an inch diameter but it was still huge. The original Cherpumple uses 3- 8in Cherry, pumpkin, and apple pies baked into 3- 9in yellow, spice, and white cake mix. I cannot even begin to imagine how huge that must be and how much it weighs.

The ingredients of this cake are fairly simple. Three pies, three cake mix boxes, and the ingredients that are stated on the cake box. You mix up all three batters, and take your cake pan and sink a pie into each batter, making sure it is all covered. Bake until the batter is completely done and set it out to cool completely. Once it is cooled, turn it out and ice with cream cheese frosting. There are several variations people use for their frosting but I always use my own because I must say so myself, it’s pretty fab.

Photo Dec 01, 10 27 19 PM

The finishing product came out to be a cake over one foot tall weighing more than 10 pounds. I had to have my little sister sit in the back seat holding the cake making sure it wouldn’t topple over on itself while I drove it to church. Not only that, but I had to stick kebob skewers into it to keep it straight up.

This is most definitely a bake-once-in-a-lifetime kind of cake because of the sheer size of it. Just keep in mind that it uses three whole cake boxes. I did not even know how to make the first slice into it since it was so huge! While this concept is a little bizarre, this turned out much better than I had thought it would, fed so many more people than I thought it would, and was well worth the try.

Photo Nov 27, 6 13 48 PM


adapted from The Cherpumple by Charles Phoenix

feeds 50 people

3- 6in pies (Pecan, cherry, and apple)

3 boxes of cake mix of any flavor (I used 2 spice cake and 1 yellow)

eggs, oil, and water according to the box mix directions

Cream Cheese Frosting, double the recipe, recipe follows.

Chopped Walnuts, optional

Mix each cake batter according to the directions on the box. Butter and flour 3- 8in cake pans and line the bottom with parchment paper. Pour 1/3 of each cake batter into its own pan. Place one pie in each, and pour the rest of the batter in, making sure to completely cover the pie. Bake the cake according to the box instructions.

Once the cake layers are completely baked, they must cool completely. To layer, make sure the cherry is on the very bottom as it contains the most juice and is most prone to drip. Slather the entire cake with cream cheese frosting and top with walnuts.

Cream Cheese Frosting

1 box powder sugar, sifted

1 stick butter, room temperature

1 box cream cheese, room temperature

1 tsp vanilla extract

In an electric mixer with the paddle attachment, whip the cream cheese and butter on medium speed until smooth. Add in vanilla. On low speed, slowly add in powder sugar until smooth and creamy, and it is ready to use!

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