Banana Oat Pancakes

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This year, my resolution is to incorporate breakfast back into my life. Now don’t get me wrong, breakfast is my absolute favorite meal of the day. You have the hash browns, hollandaise with a poached eggs, you have scrambled eggs, omelets, grilled potatoes, waffles, my goodness the list of deliciousness goes on and on! But this past year as school and work took up a majority of my life, it has simply come down to a slice of toast or an asian steamed bun. And while I do consider myself a carb addict, I know that I can be starting my day off better and with more energy to last me the whole day. And so on January 3, I made the first step and made breakfast. The only reason why it took three days to start my resolution is because, well, it is winter break and I don’t exactly wake up in time for it. But that is besides the point.

The point is, I finally woke up early enough to actually make breakfast! And while I normally hate making pancakes (they always seem to fail me…), I really wanted to try this pancake recipe because it seemed so simple! And it is gluten free! And you mix everything in a magic bullet! These Banana Oat Pancakes only uses three ingredients– one banana, 1/4 c of oats, and one egg. I guess when they were naming it they wanted to be exclusive and left out the egg.

Since we’re staying on the healthy page of the breakfast menu, I used honey to drizzle on the pancakes instead of maple syrup. I thought the honey would taste better anyways since the pancakes really do taste like bananas and well, honey and bananas go together…right?

These pancakes came out beautifully puffed and full of flavor. I used my cast iron skillet to cook them and they were browned evenly without me having to butter the pan after every single batch. Hopefully, I can keep up with healthy breakfasts for this year. My only problem now is just waking up for it….

Banana Oat Pancakes

one serving, makes 10 silver dollar pancakes

recipe from YouTube

1 banana

1 egg

1/4 c rolled oats

unsalted butter for the pan

Take the three ingredients and blend in blender. Heat a skillet on medium high and drop in enough butter to coat the pan. Once it is hot, take an ice cream scoop and drop in scoops of batter. Once bubbles begin to appear on the batter surface, flip and cook for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Transfer onto a place and serve with honey.

7 thoughts on “Banana Oat Pancakes

    1. My apologies, this recipe makes 10 silver dollar mini pancakes, and it will give exactly what is pictured. This is good for one serving.

    1. Sorry, I haven’t been able to test the same recipe concept with pumpkin! If you get a chance to please let me know!

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