First Week of Class

“Imagine you go and get a job at Mr. Tang’s Chinese restaurant.

Mr. Tang agrees to let you just help out with the little things. You start as the dishwasher, then moving up to cook, then Mr. Tang sees how well you do and keeps moving you up. Now you are the manager. One day, Mr. Tang decides he can go back to China for a vacation since you are able handle the store by yourself. He leaves you managing the restaurant. After a while, you get tired of all the orange chicken and beef broccoli and dumplings. You decide you like tacos and burritos instead. You begin to make more business, and business seems to be getting better. Then one day, Mr. Tang walks into the door and you are holding a plate of tamales. He brings you out to the front of the store and points at the sign. “Mr. Tang’s Chinese Restaurant.” Who is going to win? Mr. Tang. Why? Because he is the owner. And the owner gets to decide what to do.

Then, how do you become the owner of something?

You can buy it, you can make it, you can inherit it, and you can sustain it.

Every way you can imagine to establish ownership, Jesus has already done it. Through buying us with the blood shed on the cross. He created the universe. He was there first at the very beginning, the First Born who inherits all things, and the whole world stays together in Him. Everything you can imagine, Jesus already did.

If someone asks, ‘who is Jesus to tell me what to do with my body?’ He’s our owner and we are the stewards of the gift of life. When the time comes and the body becomes broken back to dust, the spirit of life goes back to God who gave it because it was always His. He’s the one that gets to decide what to do with a human body, what to do with the human culture, and what to do with the human world. Why? Because He is the rightful owner. Jesus is the root cause of the entire created order.”– Dr. Rick Langer

Such an amazing reminder. My life is not my own to live. I do not own any of these possessions, nor do I own this life I am living and am allowed to do whatever I want. My life is God’s to do with as He pleases.

This was just one passage from one of my classes that I am excited to be taking this semester. My classes include Christian Relationships, Gospel of John, Apologetics, and Jesus Lord of All. This first week has already made me fall more and more in love with the word and going deeper in understanding the truth. It is going to be an awesome semester!!

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