Buttermilk Pancakes


The anticipation is real. No, not the kind where you are waiting for someone to come out of the airport terminal or waiting for your final grades to be posted (in that case, it would be called dreadfulness). I am talking about the sweet sweet descent of watching butter or honey or syrup drip down the sides of a beautiful stack of pancakes.

Let us begin shall we?

First, you need your fat pancake stack.

Photo Feb 27, 11 46 42 AM

Then, smother in butter. The more the butter (hehehe….)


Lastly, drizzle on the honey or syrup. I use honey as it’s supposedly healthier, but either will do the trick. Doesn’t this just make you so calm watching it go?


And when it finally reaches the edge of the plate, your heart skips a beat because that means it is almost ready for you to eat!


Perfection. Dig in!

Buttermilk Pancakes

recipe from Crouton Crackerjacks

1 1/2 c flour

2 tsp baking powder

1 tsp sugar

1/2 tsp baking soda

1/2 tsp salt

1 c buttermilk

1 egg

1/2 c water

2 Tbsp vegetable oil

In a large bowl, combine the dry ingredients. Set aside. In a separate bowl, combine the buttermilk, egg, water and oil. Whisk together and add to dry ingredients. Stir until just incorporated. Let sit for 5-10 minutes before using.

On a griddle preheated over medium heat, lightly butter or spray with nonstick spray. Pour 1/3 cup of batter in center and let it cook until bubbles form on the top and pop and the edges turn dull. Flip and cook for another 1.5-2 minutes. Continue with remaining batter. Top with butter, honey, or syrup!

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