Ice Cream Sandwiches


It is a blistering 90 degrees outside and it is painful. Brutal. Barely able to breath and walk down the stairs terrible. Ok maybe it’s not that bad…but still. Pretty bad. To brave the heat, I sandwiched yesterday’s chocolate chip cookies with ice cream. I went for a rocky road and strawberry since the flavors naturally complement each other.


To easily shape the ice cream to be the perfect size for your cookies, take a pint of ice cream, cut and peel the cardboard container off.


Wrap it in saran wrap and roll it and shape it to the desired width. Place it back into the freezer to firm up.


Use a knife and cut slices to however thickness you want your cookie sandwich to be. Either serve right away or wrap and freeze to enjoy at a later time!


5 thoughts on “Ice Cream Sandwiches

    1. I’ve started a little over a year ago! Thank you for your encouragement, I’m still learning and adjusting as I go!

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