Hydrangea Flower Field, Yang Ming Shan


This year, I was fortunate to come back in time for the hydrangea flower season! I had originally wanted to go to Yang Ming Shan for their flower blossoms but that ended a few months ago. Instead, I found that their hydrangeas were in season and that a farmer had a field for people to come and visit!


To get there, we took a bus then another bus, walked trying to find directions, then after getting lost and what seemed like a little under two hours, we finally arrived. The best way to find this place would be after getting off the bus, ask the locals and they’ll point you in the right direction. Otherwise you’ll be left wandering up and down steep hills for a good half hour in the pounding heat like we were.


Once we got there, I was in awe of these hydrangeas. I like going to flower markets any chance I can get but the hydrangeas at the flower markets weren’t even as big as the ones at this farm. I’ve always known hydrangeas to be in smaller bushes, but many of these were easily taller than I was! There is an entrance fee of 100NT, which is the equivalency of $3. We saw so many people there that were there for photo shoots. Since it was graduation season as well, there were people in their black robes posing with the flowers. There were two different couples in their tux and wedding dresses shooting their bridal shoot.


Would I come back here? Yes. I most definitely recommend this location! Next time though, I’ll wait until it isn’t a scorching 95 degrees and know the direction of where I’m walking.

4 thoughts on “Hydrangea Flower Field, Yang Ming Shan

  1. Hello, I plan to Taiwan in May and want to visit this farm , Can you give me the farm’s name or the direction to the farm?

    1. Here is the farms name! Sorry there is no English name for it, but it is around ZhuZiHu: 水車寮步道繡球花園

    1. Thank you! As far as I’m aware, the farmer isn’t allowing anyone in anymore :( If you want, there might be some other hydrangea farms around that area! This one I went to was inside Yang Ming Shan National Park but I think there are other hydrangea farms outside the area!

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