Tam Sui, Taipei


The fun and diversity of Taipei continues! For my third day in Taiwan, my parents took me to Tam Sui, a town that sits next to a river and is known for their sea food (i think?…). Well, there’s boats and fishermen there and people that sit on the wharf with fishing poles and restaurants that line the shore with their buckets of fresh seafood so by the power vested in the deduction theory, I conclude that seafood is big in Tam Sui.


Tam Sui has an old street (called lao jie) which is a street with almost a night market feel with venders selling some of that location’s specialty foods and trinkets. For the above mango soft serve, it was 30NT or the equivalency of $1. THIS IS WHY TAIWAN IS THE #1 FOOD LOCATION AS CITED BY CNN. (Sorry my Taiwanese pride came out a little….)


Among the food stands had a stand dedicated to guavas. These are real guava’s. You know that amazingly delish carton of pink guava juice you get from Safeway? If not, you’re missing out. Well actually, you’d still be missing out as that carton is imitating these guavas. Which are legit on point on fleek whatever u want to call it guavas. No artificial coloring. No extra preservatives. Pure pink raw hold in your hands guava. The vendors blend these to make guava juice with no extra sugar added and is basically incredible.


As we continued to walk on, we began to learn some of the history behind this town. Apparently some many years ago, a missionary named George Mackay came to Tam Sui to spread the gospel. He established a church and a dental office specializing in pulling out rotten teeth. In exchange for the free service, he asked the locals to teach him one word of Taiwanese for each tooth pulled. Now, the church there still stands and they still have service there every week. They have turned part of the original church into a small museum and a place to share his story and spread the gospel. They invite tourists in and offer tea and a cookie free of charge as part of their on going mission. The people that work there seem to genuinely have an excitement for the gospel and a willingness and quickness to serve.


After our time there, we continued our walk up to see Fort San Domingo that was used. It reminded me more of Downton Abbey instead of a Spanish fort, but was beautifully maintained. It looked like God had just picked up a building from the set of Downton and dropped it in the middle of a hill in Taiwan. A little random, but still very peaceful. We ended the day with a walk along the shore. Although this place is well known for their sunset, there were too many clouds preparing for the next day’s thunderstorm and thus, the sun seemed to disappear without much of its usual glory. Ah well. Until next time!


5 thoughts on “Tam Sui, Taipei

    1. I’m sorry I forgot! But it’s the very first stall as you begin to walk along the old street of Tam Sui! You can’t miss it!!

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