Wu Lai, Taipei


Here is my last post of my adventures in Taiwan! It’s been a thrill of a two weeks that just flew by…I can’t believe we’re already nearing the end of June! Our last stop takes us to Wu Lai, a town known for it’s natural hot springs and used to be a logging town. I’m not that into those kind of things but wanted to check out the waterfall that the town lay in front of! We took a bus that took us all the way to Wu Lai and dropped us off right in front of this glassy jade colored river.


The view of another bridge while standing on a bridge


We thus began to make our way to their old street. When there’s rain, the river levels can rise and make this place look like an Asian Venice.


When we reached the old street, there was the usual myriad of food and small snacks. Popular here are the rice served in bamboo shoots. By stuffing the rice in the bamboo, the flavor of the bamboo is said to infuse the rice. Also, if you are craving some fruit, you’re in luck. There are several trucks that sell fruit right off their backs.


We then made our way across the old town and found the stairs that led us to the “train.” I say “train” because although it runs on tracks, it’s more of like a trolly car operated by a motor. It reminded me of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad roller coaster from Disneyland since it was incredibly bumpy and the drivers went quite fast.


This ride took us directly to the waterfall, and cost 50NT one way. I’m actually surprised we made it without it breaking down or something. These things were incredibly comical as the size of each caboose seems to be meant for elementary school students but are ridden by adults.


While you are ridding, take a look at the mountains that surround you. It seems as if I was transported into the animation Totoro and I keep imagining him coming out.


Once we made it safely, the waterfall was just a few stones away. It’s very peaceful up top and just takes your breath away at its beauty.


The entire area up top is paved for viewing the waterfall. Even on a crowded day, you would still be able to get a good view. Thankfully, we went when it was supposed to be 95 degrees and were among the few crazy enough to brave the heat. I’ll admit once there, there isn’t much to do other than to sit back and enjoy the nature around you. Again I will say, Taiwan is so amazingly beautiful.






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