Tayberry Chocolate Cake with Fresh Cut Roses

The second part of the weekend resided in celebrating my roommates birthday. Since her birthday was on a weekday we celebrated on Sunday. We went to Newport and rented bikes to cruise down the coast in a gorgeous 84 degree weather. The sun was shining but the coastal wind was blowing gentle enough for it [...]

Pots de Creme

I have saved the best for last. POTS DE CREME!! Why is it the best? Well, besides it being rich and decadent and superb, I'll give you five reasons on why you should make this, if not tonight, then for tomorrow night. First, it's easy. Like, super SUPER easy. I think it's the easiest thing [...]

Berry Galette

It is day two and I am making mini galettes!! I previously made an apple cinnamon galette and fell in love with the simplicity of the crust. It comes out flaky and crispy while holding onto the flavor a real good crust should. For this week, I made mini ones thinking they would be able to bake [...]