Ultimate S’mores Brownie

I have been craving brownies for goodness knows how long. It's been probably a month or so? Now when I finally had a chance to make them, I decided, why go classic when you can go ultimate with s'mores brownies?! After all, it is summer and camping season and even though California no longer allows fire [...]

Classic Chocolate Chip

Look at the cookies. Need we say more? They're perfect. The very first from scratch recipe I ever did was a classic chocolate chip cookie recipe. That was in seventh grade, about nine years ago. I made them for my teacher to put in care packages to send to troops, and have been using this recipe ever [...]

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Something that typically happens when there is more than one grocery shopper in the house is that there tends to be an overlap of buying the same things. In this weeks case, it was the bananas. You know when you buy a nice bunch of perfectly blemish free curved yellow fruit and then it sits [...]

Chocolate S’more Cookies

AHH so excited I have a video now!! Last week, my friend Robin asked me if she could make a video of me baking and of course, I was super eager and excited to jump on board! I have a list of "want to bake" items stored in my phone and s'mores cookies just happened [...]

Mini Chocolate Bundt Cakes

I have a problem. And that problem begins with me finding something absolutely delicious online, then me having to try and replicate it or to make something similar. The other day I was on Tumblr and saw mini bundt cakes. Oh my goodness. And with that I just had to, just had to make, mini bundt cakes. I bought [...]