Apple Cinnamon Galette

I confess. I have begun watching Downton Abbey and I LOVE it! I started watching earlier this week and am now almost done with season 3. Now another confession. You know when you are thinking in your head and have thoughts to yourself? Well...since I've been so infatuated with Downton Abbey...those thoughts have been with [...]

Berry Fruit Tart

I love a good match made in heaven, especially when it uses two already beautiful components to create something even better. And I am talking about food here, and more specifically, pastry cream and a good flaky pie crust to create a fruit tart. Traditionally, most fruit tarts are made with a sweet shortbread crust but [...]

Blueberry Tart Pastry

Throwback! I was going through my phone the other day and I realized I never posted about my blueberry tart pastries! I took all the pictures yet completely forgot to do the typing! Ah well here it is! It's blueberry season!! (At least it was some weeks ago when I actually made these....) I was at the [...]

Strawberry Fruit Tart

Woowww its been so long since I've posted anything....This past month has be crazy crazy crazy. I've been trying to wrap up the school year, while working, and while still trying to maintain accountability with friends. It's been quite the struggle. I've been learning and am still learning how to balance it all without going [...]