Cakey Brownies

This has been an absolute whirlwind of a week! School has begun once more, and with that comes the long 6 hour drive down, the moving in, unpacking, and getting everything settled. Class has already started and it has been very bittersweet for me as this is also my final semester before graduating in December. In [...]

Ultimate S’mores Brownie

I have been craving brownies for goodness knows how long. It's been probably a month or so? Now when I finally had a chance to make them, I decided, why go classic when you can go ultimate with s'mores brownies?! After all, it is summer and camping season and even though California no longer allows fire [...]

Classic Brownies

Brownies. Not the out of the box, add eggs and oil cakey kind of brownies. I'm talking about the melting the chocolate then vigorously whipping the batter until it is smooth and creamy then sifting in flour and smelling the sweet aroma of chocolatey goodness filling the entire house kind of brownies. And for an extra punch, [...]