Bacon & Maple Chocolate Chip Cookies

The marriage of bacon and maple. I've always seen bacon and maple donuts as well as bacon and maple cupcakes, but haven't seen very much of them on a cookie. For work this week, we are hosting an event in which two chefs will be teaching a cooking demonstration as the audience learns and eats. The theme [...]

Ice Cream Sandwiches

It is a blistering 90 degrees outside and it is painful. Brutal. Barely able to breath and walk down the stairs terrible. Ok maybe it's not that bad...but still. Pretty bad. To brave the heat, I sandwiched yesterday's chocolate chip cookies with ice cream. I went for a rocky road and strawberry since the flavors naturally complement [...]

Classic Chocolate Chip

Look at the cookies. Need we say more? They're perfect. The very first from scratch recipe I ever did was a classic chocolate chip cookie recipe. That was in seventh grade, about nine years ago. I made them for my teacher to put in care packages to send to troops, and have been using this recipe ever [...]

Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies

Secret's out. I'm telling you my number one most cherished recipe to my ooey gooey chocolatey cookie goodness. I've been using this recipe since seventh grade and this is actually what first took me into the kitchen to bake. Of course, when growing up my mom would ask me if I wanted to help make [...]