Nutella Covered Strawberries

Some things in life are just meant to be together. Strawberries covered in nutella ganache are just one of the few. These things are so incredibly easy and delicious you might even eat em all before they're even done. Talk about a dangerous kind of food. This recipe uses both semi-sweet chocolate and a healthy [...]

Raspberry Nutella Tart

It's the second week of school. Agh. This week has been a complete blur. Still trying to get used to my new class schedule. Trying to meet up with people and catch up. Trying to get ahead of classes, and even more, trying to turn in my this week's papers in on time. So many [...]

Late Night Crepes

Chef Gordon Ramsey is insane. Not because he has a terrible temper or has racked up his number of television shows. Not because he is able to insert the “F” word into every other word he speaks while carrying a conversation, or because he has tons of restaurants worldwide that have earned him his high [...]