Earl Grey and Pistachio Profiteroles

Profiteroles. As opposed to Cream Puffs which are filled with whipped cream and the occasional fruit, profiteroles are often filled with ice cream or pastry cream. I had some Earl Grey Pastry Cream left over from a previous baking project, and decided to use it as a filling for these profiteroles! When I was a [...]

Raspberry Eclairs with Chocolate Pastry Cream

Oh goodness I cannot get enough cream puffs. Maybe it's because of my previous job at a cream puff bakery and because I ate one basically every day, or maybe it's because they are just so darn good. Whatever the reason, they're addicting. I LOVE chocolate pastry cream and made half a batch the last [...]

Cream Puffs

During my senior year of high school, I worked at a cream puff bakery. Yes, it was bakery that specialized in selling cream puffs and only cream puffs. There was the classic vanilla custard and chocolate custard fillings, and then there were the flavor of the week. If I remember correctly, it would rotate between [...]