Beef Noodle Soup

While I was in Taiwan, my aunt taught me how to make beef noodle soup. There are so many different versions and variations out there, but to determine if the dish is good or not, there are two things you want to look at: the beef, and the broth. Is the flavor there? The color [...]

Jiu Fen, Taipei

Jiu Fen is a mountain village which the view from the outside looking in, reminds me a lot of Sausalito. Square boxy colorful houses are randomly nestled in a high mountain. Way back before you and I were born, this town had nine families that lived here. The word jiu means 9 (could also mean old, [...]

Xiang Shan, Taipei

Throughout this trip, I've been debating if I really wanted to go on this hike up a mountain called "Xiang Shan." Xiang in Chinese is for elephant, so it basically means Elephant Mountain. I've read online that the hike was moderately steep and was worried about the mosquitoes since it's in a wooded area. But [...]

Shi Ling, Night Market

OC Night Market ain't got nothing on this! If in the Taipei area, an absolutely must go to is the Shi Ling Night Market. You can go around 5pm but the real night life begins after dinnertime and when it gets dark. Here, you have a wide variety of shops to browse through and if [...]