Vanilla Ombre Cake

I love Pinterest. Can I get a holla, amen, ditto, right back at ya from anyone? I'm constantly on Pinterest to get new ideas, recipes, and inspiration! Well, here at college I am gearing up towards my finals week. What that means are papers, exams, presentations, and something I can make so I can procrastinate. [...]

Fresh Cream + Strawberry Sponge Cake// cooking in Li

I had the baking bug. I was itching to bake but unfortunately, I didn't bring any of my cookie baking sheets. I didn't bring any of my tart pans or my cake pans. I was deprived. Fortunately for me,  I did bring my flute pan. Yea, I know, out of everything to choose from, why [...]

Strawberry Fruit Tart

Woowww its been so long since I've posted anything....This past month has be crazy crazy crazy. I've been trying to wrap up the school year, while working, and while still trying to maintain accountability with friends. It's been quite the struggle. I've been learning and am still learning how to balance it all without going [...]

Vanilla Cupcakes and Swiss Meringue Buttercream

Besides my dog and my family and the fresh clean air of NorCal, I've also missed one other thing. My beloved KitchenAid. Oh how life is so much easier with it around to beat all of my egg whites and sugar together. I also had a 2D Wilton tip that I've been wanting to use, [...]